BMW 11 – Mastering Article Structure for Click-Worthy Posts

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From Expert Tips on there’s several tips to Mastering Article Structure for Click-Worthy Posts. I’ts very useful to us who are still learning to write a good post on WordPress. We can learn from any source, right?

If you’re looking to boost the search engine optimization (SEO) ranking of your business website, one of the easiest ways to do so is to frequently update your site. Now, this doesn’t mean you need to refresh or change your entire website. Instead, establish a blog as one feature of your site, then, if you can commit to a posting schedule, you guarantee a regular flow of fresh content. The outcome? Higher search results.

But, what if you’re not a writer by trade? That’s okay. An effective article structure can go a long way toward creating blog content that engages visitors — and keeps them coming back.

Consider your headline

Your headline is your first opportunity to attract readers, and it’s one of the most important pieces of your blog’s article structure. First, make sure your headline is written in a way that makes sense to your customer. You also want your headline to offer a clear solution to a known problem. This will generate many more clicks than a headline that references an issue in a vague or passive way. For example, “Most Common Clothing Stains and How to Treat Them” works well, whereas “Chocolate, Ketchup, and Grass Stains, Oh My!” may sound cute, but could leave potential visitors more confused than curious.

Use subheadings

Subheadings are great for improving SEO, since they help search engines understand the main topics within your post. Subheadings can help keep your reader engaged and can also break up a forbidding block of text into more digestible chunks of information. According to TechCrunch, your content marketing may be more successful if you write fewer, but more in-depth articles. By adding subheadings, you can avoid intimidating readers and allow those who only have time to skim your content to still absorb some potential tips or solutions.

In the WordPress editor, you can choose to add a variety of subheadings using the Headings block where you’ll choose the style (H1, H2, H3, etc.). Each WordPress theme will have default headings with different sizes and typefaces. Customize the CSS of your site to change how they look if you have a Premium plan or higher.

Include relevant images

Featuring relevant images also helps to keep readers engaged. This is especially important in any sort of tutorial. Some readers may have an easier time understanding what you’re trying to explain if there are visual representations of each step. Like subheadings, visuals are a great way to break up a block of text and make it more digestible.

Add a call to action

You know what’s better than a blog post that resonates with a reader? When that reader then shares your post with their friends and professional network! Sure, they might do this on their own — but by including a specific call to action (CTA), you can nudge them in the right direction.

The Buttons Block is a handy way to add a visual and clickable CTA where visitors can sign up, download content, or visit another page of your site. The Simple Payments button is a great way to build a CTA for selling physical and digital products.

If getting your content shared is the goal, you can make it super easy for readers by adding a button that says, “Did you find this information helpful? Tweet this article!” You can learn how to add a Tweet Button to your blog in Support.

Edit and proofread

One of the easiest ways to lose readers? Looking sloppy. If you don’t edit your blog posts, your audience could think you lack attention to detail in other areas of work. When editing, you can also take the time to make sure your online personality is coming through. This can distinguish your content from other blog posts on the same subject matter and may help you attract new followers.

Remember, keeping a regularly updated blog is an easy way to help boost your website’s SEO, but using the correct article structure is one way to help ensure your content actually gets read.



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