Future Me

Dear Ishfah,

How are you today? Are you feeling good or bad? What do you do? Do you recognize me, huh? It’s me, your younger version. I believe you are surprise when read this letter. Yup, I get this challenge to send you a letter. Today, in year 2020 so many thing that happened in our life but I won’t tell it because you already know. So, instead of asking how I survive till now, let’s talk about future. Let’s focus on you.

Ten years later from now is year 2030. And if you manage to read this post it’s mean you are safe and sound. Congratulation, bro.

You know, I prepared a lot of question for you. Hmm, be ready. To be honest, my heart is keep beating very fast. I just can’t imagine how you will change for next ten years. More handsome? Losing weight? More wealthy?

There are three things that I want to know. First thing first, about your family.

As we know, from year 2000 till 2020, we are living far from home. Spending junior and high school in Boarding School. Then move to Bandung to study Informatic Engineering and rent a room. After graduate from college, we still bears a title as ‘anak kosan’. After get married, we rent a house. So, have you own your house now? Are we having a cars, bikes and pool?

In 2030, Faeeza will turning 13 years old. She became a girl, bro. How good is that? Are you a type of protective parent? Will you enroll Faeeza in Boarding School same as you did? Is Maiza agree with that decision?

I believe, we are agree that giving Faeeza an education is very important. She must learn religion deeply while studying regular knowledge in school. We are facing the end of the time, bro. If Faeeza not preparing herself wisely, I afraid she will lost her way. This is not we are wanted.

By the way, how about your second children? Isn’t you want a boy? Or in 2030, you already have 3 or 4 child. Hahaha. I know it is possible, but can we really do that? Only God knows.

Next question about your career. Two years after we get hired in Airline Company, we were very insecure about job and employee status. In that time, we’re like a pawn on chess board. We don’t have a bright future nor excellent career. We split our salary every payday. One for Maiza and Faeeza and their necessity. And the rest of money is our provision for one month. I am wondering, have you quit your job and get your dream job?

We also dreaming about living in the same city with them. Is it done yet, bro? I will yelling out loud because of happines if you manage to do it.

Last, it’s about Ikatan Kata. From the very beggining, we form this blogger community as a home for various blogger who has a same goal. We have a goal that blogging activity will keep continue and the spirit for writing a good post is keep burning up. Is it still ongoing? Is our web has a domain yet?

We know, members or Pengikat Kata who joined our community come and go as their wish. How many members that still remain? Is it getting bigger and better? Or disband and gone?

As for KETIK, we are in KETIK number 14 now. How many KETIK in year 2030? I hope Pengikat Kata still exist and joy to do it.

I think, that’s all, bro. Once again, if you manage to read this post, please make your reply in Ishfah Seven blog.


Yours younger version

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  1. Kalau aku sih, Yess Kang. Singkatnya, amg harapan Kang Fahmi terwujud. Dan IK kuharap maaih tetap ada, bahkan lebih eksis lagi.
    😁👍 Amin.


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